Growth is good… and growth is hard

We are in an exciting time of growth here at Pink Ribbon Girls. There are BIG things on the horizon. Things that are going to create BIG impact for us. Our core mission will always remain the same. We will continue to take on cancer. We will lift the burden of everyday tasks for those going through breast and gynecological cancer treatment. We will not stop because we truly believe No One Travels This Road Alone. This mission is what makes us who we are, and you are a HUGE part of it.

As you may have read in the 2017 Annual Report, we hit a record high for number of meals served; 72,000 to be exact. This time last year we were serving 4,200 meals a month. We are NOW serving 7,300 a month! That is more than 3,000 more meals than this time last year. This growth is to be celebrated. We are reaching more and more clients. Serving more and more families. Lifting the burden, more and more.

But, with full transparency, while our number of clients and families we serve is growing, our donations and pledges have stayed the same. We are serving 7,300 meals a month with the same amount of income as last year. In order to continue serving the families in your community, we need you - your friends - your neighbors - to help serve these clients. We need you to help lift their burden with us.

This is hard for us. We tend to error on the side of trust and faith. We have never been so bold in our ask before now. Simply put, our donations have to increase because the number of clients being served has increased. $24 per month will cover 1 meal a week for our clients. $50 a month will cover 2 meals/week. $100 a month will cover 4/week.

Our goal is that at least 100 people would commit to a minimum of $24 a month. This commitment will produce an extra $28,800 per year. One hundred people at $50 a month would bring in $60,000 and one hundred people at $100 a month would bring in $120,000! Because we believe in “give where you live,” this money will go directly back into serving clients in the community where it is donated. The more people that commit to this, the more we are able to stay on the forefront of this ongoing growth.

Are you one of the 100? Will you help lift the burden for our clients? We hope the answer is “Yes!”

To set up a recurring payment and make a donation, please click HERE

If you would like to set up ACH transfer, please contact or call 877.269.5367.

Together, making the burden lighter,

Heather Salazar, CEO/President


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