When I was first diagnosed, I loathed this month. I hated walking into the grocery store and seeing everything "pretty in pink."  Pink didn't make me happy. Pink made me scared.  Scared to death that the "pink cancer" would kill me. Cancer is brutal and if it was a gift, I would return it, but I would never return the sisterhood it has brought me and our PRG family. 

Today, we are empowered in October.  Empowered by each of you: survivors, donors, volunteers, doctors, nurses, and caregivers.  We are humbled and honored that you let us get to know you and your families.  We never take your stories for granted.  Your stories are what keep us going. 

PRG is so much more than 31 days.  From January - August, we have served 65,592 meals to families battling breast and gynecological cancers. We are averaging 7,288 meals per month, 189 rides to treatment per month, 169 housecleanings per month, and hundreds of people in peer support.


My friend, Stephanie Kleiner shares, "With having Stage IV Breast Cancer, PRG meals and house cleaning has helped my family tremendously through the years. Never knowing how I’ll feel on a daily basis, the cooking and cleaning were always on my mind."  Steph is just one of our clients that make up the sixty percent that have metastatic disease, which means they will be on treatment for the rest of their lives.

We are more than 31 days.

PRG is an organization that encompasses "thepowerofWE."  We are a strong family unit bonded together for the mission of helping each other through the toughest battle of our lives. We cheer each other on and rally around each other when times get tough.  We are so thankful for you PRG family. We are so thankful that each of you support us year around.  Together, we are strong.  Together, we are more than 31 days.

Heather Salazar