Pink Ribbon Girls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which relies on the generosity of corporations, organizations and individuals for financial support.

The graphic is a pie chart of PRG's program funding allocation. Simply Fight - 28%. No Age No Stage - 39.2%. Love Your Girls -  32.7%. 


In the Fight (Simply Fight!)

Our “In the Fight” program offers two months of services to clients currently undergoing breast or women’s reproductive cancer treatment for non-metastatic cancers

  • $96 feeds a family of four for one week
  • $80 provides housecleaning for one week
  • $1700 provides meals and housecleaning throughout treatment

Mets Cancers (No Age No Stage)

Our Mets Cancer program serves those with Metastatic Cancers with a stipend of $3000 to be spent on services as needed throughout the duration of cancer treatment.

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